ANHDO staff visited Turkey

A study tour to turkey has been organized where a total of 11 technical staff of ANHDO, including 2 ANHDO board members participated.

The study tour started form November 9th 2017 to November 19th 2017, with the aim to upgrade technical knowledge of staff in terms of best horticulture practices, practical observation of commercial orchards, commercial nurseries, agriculture machineries and processing technologies and companies, exchange of knowledge and views with Turkish farmers and horticulture experts. Additionally to strengthen and establish cooperation and coordination with different agriculture institutes of Turkey such as International Confederation of Agriculture and Food)

The main objectives of this study tour were:

  • To visit commercial citrus and deciduous fruits nurseries and production area from plantation to distribution
  • To visit commercial orchards and its maintenance including best operation and best management practices of (Citrus and other deciduous fruits
  • To visit various fruit species & varieties post harvest and cool chain activities
  • To visit producing companies, research institutions & organizations

The study tour has been found very informative and profitable; the exposure visits from different horticulture farms, processing companies and research institutes upgraded the knowledge of participants. The application of research findings, usage of new and modern technology and orchard management has increased the productivity and quality of orchard produces.

As findings from this tour, recognized that the role and support of government is remarkable and tangible. The cooperatives were playing vital role supporting farmers and solving their problems from technical and finical perspectives. At the same time the research institutes contributions helped a lot the farmers to identify best species adoptive to the climate of the region. There were very good and close cooperation between farmers, cooperatives and research institutes while being monitored and supervised by relevant government departments.

The visited exercises and practices are applicable in Afghanistan but it requires government support and private sectors involvement and investment. Introduction and application of drip irrigation seems very vital for improvement of horticulture and agriculture industry in Afghanistan.


Meeting with Head of BATEM research institute, Antalya



Visiting Citrus Nursery, BATEM Resarch Institute, Antalya


Visiting Research Institute, Isparta, Turkey


Visit from Soil & Pomology Laboratory


Visiting Research Institute Office, Isparta province


Visiting Olive Commercial Orchards, Manisa Province


Visiting Olive Commercial Orchards, Manisa Province


Visiting Lab Technology and System, Agriculture Faculty, Ankara


Visiting Lab Technology and System Agriculture Faculty, Ankara


Dicussing on Grape harvesting process and packaging, Manisa Province


International confederation of Agriculture and Food Office, Ankara


Visiting Agriculture Department Kemalpasha District, Izmir


Visiting Apricot Nursery Methodolgy and System Kemalpasha District, Izmir


Visiting Geranium plants breeding program, BATEM research institute, Antalya

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