Project Name: Global Horticulture Assessment in Kapisa province & Surobi district, Kabul
Donor: France embassy (Pole de Stabilite’)
Start Date: November, 2012
End Date: February, 2013

Overall Objectives:

To provide a detailed analysis of the horticulture sector in Kapisa Province and Surobi District and give solid programme recommendations.

(1) An overview of the horticulture value chain.
(2) SWOT of the horticulture value chain in Kapisa and in Surobi.


The title of the assignment, provided by the TORs is Global Horticulture Assessment in Kapisa province and Surobi district in Kabul province.
The TORs Defines the goal and main outcome of the programme as follows:
Improvement of the food security of the local population through development of Agriculture/Horticulture sector with a multilevel value-chain approach.

The specific objectives are defined as:
1. Improve agricultural production by strengthening the value chain
2. Enhance the local economy by developing the food industry
3. Increase provision of adequate technical training
4. Improve access to safe drinking water for the residents of Surobi

The Agricultural strategy of the Ple de stabilit described in the TORs identify the food security as an important step to achieve a general stabilization in the region and pinpoint on the value chain approach with clear definition of its components and their dependence from the socio-economic and geo-physical context.