About IPM-GIZ Project

Project Name: Integrated Pest Management on Almond, Grape and Peaches in the North
Donor: EU Funded through GIZ
Start Date: 17th June 2019
End Date: 1st June 2020
Country: Afghanistan Region/location: Balkh, Samangan and Kunduz

Project Summary:
Conduct an assessment of the pest and diseases of almond, grape and peaches orchards in Balkh, Samangan and Kunduz provinces and develop an appropriate IPM plan for control and build the capacities of 180 growers in pest and diseases control.

Project Activities:

    Conducting an initial visit to the project area to understand the context and coordinate the project with other stakeholders.
    Diagnosis of the pest and diseases.
    Identification of its causes and gaps,
    Based on the findings, develop training material
    Conduct training to growers and other extension workers, on control of pests and diseases.