Afghanistan National Horticulture Development Organization (ANHDO) through the Strengthening Horticultural Products Value Addition Project which is implementing with financial support of AFD, through this project # of 2 pomegranate under ground cellars constructional works have been completed As per plan, with close coordination and cooperation of Kapisa DoE and PAIL, Alasai and Tagab districts DAILs, districts governors, the constructional work of the 2 pomegranate cool cellars completed and through the inauguration ceremonies in targeted villages of Alasai and Tagab districts on Sep 13th 2023 handed over to the owners , the aim of these underground cellars are storage of the pomegranates in on season and supply it as per market demands in the off season and get more profits , in this process the ANHDO contribution is 70% of total costs and community contribution is 30 %.
Below pictures shows the event,

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