Project Name: Support to the Development of Agriculture Private Sector Perennial (HPS)
Donor: European Commission (EC)
Start Date: December, 2013
End Date: December, 2017
Implementing Partner: Relief International (RI)

Overall Objectives:

Contribute to the improvement of horticulture and the capacity of private sector.

  1. Increase capacity of the Afghan private sector nursery industry to meet the demand of Afghan farmers.
  2. Adaptive research provides the technical solutions to increase productivity and value.
  3. Pilot demonstration of enhanced post-harvest management systems and value chain development for key perennial horticulture crops.
  4. A strong and profitable citrus industry in eastern Afghanistan is developed


According to the HPS overall objectives, each of them can be described as:
1.1 – Support ANNGO to ensure higher standard and increased production of certified planting materials
1.2 – Improve the certification processes, including establishment of ANNGO zone offices
2.1 – Development of trials for cross-pollination/fruit characteristics and quality control procedures
2.2 – Continue the apricot and almond breeding programmes
3.1 – Analyze the grape/raisin value chain and support producers/processors/ traders meet market standards and demands and ensure traceability
3.2 – Analyze the almond value chain and support AAIDO to meet market standards and demands for almonds and nuts
3.3 – Initiate pilot activities for fresh fruit value chains
3.4 – Development of procedures to meet dried and fresh fruit quality standards through support to existing laboratories
4.1 – Analyze the citrus value chain and implement activities to increase certified production, variety and disease monitoring capacity
4.2 – Support organisational arrangements for Citrus Promotion Groups and develop marketing strategies
4.3 – Support to Public/private stakeholder coordination and partnership within the citrus industry