Grapes grow as a vine and are used for raisin or fresh markets. They do not require wind or insects for pollination, but grapes do require a dormancy period. Grapes produce buds on the previous seasons growth.

Bud burst is usually in early spring with flowering 7-9 weeks later.

Fruit is normally ready to harvest in autumn 5-7 months after bud burst. Management varies, but in general depends on the grape variety and desired outcome and growing conditions (e.g., humidity and sunlight).[Ref][Retrieved on 8/7/2017]

As a part of ANHDO activities,a total numbers of 5 grape grower groups have been establish with total number of 223 farmers in 12 different villages of Farza, Mirbachakot and Qarabagh districts of Kabul province, Bagram district of Parwan province and Mahmood raqi district of Kapisa province.

Also 3 Raisin Producers Groups have been established with total number of 150 Raisin producers in 9 different villages of Qarabagh district of Kabul Province, Bagram District of Parwan province and Mahmood raqi District of Kapisa province.

Afghanistan National Collection:

The Afghan National Collection has the purpose to maintain and evaluate the fruit varieties and rootstocks, consisting of registered Afghan and Imported varieties, and release mother plants for the private nursery industry. It has to be seen as a living body, where not suitable plants are removed and new representative accessions enter, following new findings, market trend and climate adaptation.

Perennial Horticulture Development Project (PHDP) had a germplasm registration survey accross Afghanistan in 2006 – 2008, based on the principle that the main and high market value genotypes, and that outstanding genotypes should be collected, resulted in the field registration and labelling of nearly950in-situ accessions.
Similarly, PHDP has registered and assigned clone numbers to fruit and nut varieties imported to Afghanistan in the last years. The registration of imported clones will eventually facilitate their inclusion in the National Collection and certification system. PHDP have registered a total of250different varieties, imported to Afghanistan.

Here is the list of grape varieties available in National Collection of Herat and Kandahar PHDCs (Perennial Horticulture Development Center) in the year of 2015.




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