Vision, Mission & Long-Term Goals


Our vision is A sustainable and profitable horticulture industry for a better life in Afghanistan.



Our mission is to enable horticulture stakeholders to improve horticulture industry by providing technical services, upgrading capacities, and promoting private-public coordination.



The long-term goals of the Organization are to:

  • Improve sorting, processing, packaging, and storing systems;
  • Ensure product quality to meet international standards;
  • Build capacities of horticultural stakeholders by initiating and designing projects for the promotion of good practices and standards;
  • Increase the income of producers by introducing new and advanced technology;
  • Facilitate the coordination between private and public stakeholders for the development of the horticulture industry;
  • Help build business linkages between producers, potential investors, and buyers;
  • Support and facilitate the development of a regulatory framework for horticulture industry.
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