Grape and Raisin Supply Chain Management – GRSCM

Project Name: Grape and Raisin Supply Chain Management
Donor: World Bank
Start Date: Oct 2019
End Date: 31/12/2022
Country: Afghanistan, Region/Location Kabul and Parwan Provinces
Project Summary: Assessment of raisin value chai and quality control of raisin production and post-harvest handling of grape and raisin processing for 3000 households in Shamali plain , including Farza , Istalif and Shakardara district of Kabul province and Bagram district of Parwan province,
Project Activities:
 Diagnosis of the current practices of vineyard management and raisin drying techniques that restraint the quantity and quality of products.
 Establishing pilot trials plots equipped with updated practices and techniques for grape growing and raisin production to be used as Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) in the future.
 Capacity building of the client company in grape and raisin production to a level that can extend services to grape and raisin producers in the future.
 Strengthening linkages between producers and the client company and develop a supply chain management for such linkages.
 Training on good practices of grape and raisin production to 3,000 farmers, promotion of linkages, innovative ideas, synergies and technological packages that increase grape and raisin productivity and improve the value chain, leading to increased income generating opportunities.