ANHDO Annual Report – 2015

ANHDO with its mission of enabling horticulture stakeholders to improve horticulture industry by providing technical services, upgrading capacities and promoting privatepublic coordination, successfully completed one project (HTDP) by July 2015, and continued implementation of two major projects (HPS and HVP).

Overall focus of the year 2015
ANHDO mainly focused on adoptive research activities, value chain analysis & development, citrus industry development, nursery industry development and organizational development of ANHDO as its main activities. The main focus for the 2016 will be the same activities, as it is not possible for any organization to reach its pre-determined targets in the mentioned areas within one year.

The major part of the Afghan economy is dependent on the agriculture and horticulture income. Horticulture development in Afghanistan is strongly needed. It is a long way to go and needs a lot of efforts. ANHDO will continue its activities in the aforementioned areas. ANHDO is confident about its sustainability in terms of activities, impact and financial sustainability in the future.

ANHDO submits high quality reports on the quarterly and yearly bases plus a final report at the end of the project for its donors. It also audits its account on regular basis with reliable audit firms and the reports are submitted for the donors and other relevant stakeholders.


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