ANHDO Members List

1. Abdul Rashid Ahadi, Teacher at NAEC, Afghanistan
2. Abdul Ghafar Majeed, Head of Perennial Horticulture Department at MAIL, Afghanistan
3. Alberto Giuntoli, Principle at Studio Bellesi-Giuntoli, Italy
4. Arzel Fleouter, Horticulturist, France
5. Edgardo Giordani, Researcher & Professor at the University of Florence, Italy
6. Enrica Montersino, Horticulturist, Italy
7. Fawad Arash, Senior Marketing Officer at CARD-F, Afghanistan
8. Fedrico Valory, Horticulture Value Chain Specialist & Quality Control Consultant, Italy
9.Francesco Ferrini, Dean of the School of Agricultural Sciences at University of Florence, Italy
10. Ghulam Honaryar, Project Coordinator at the FCOMAIL (French Cooperation), Afghanistan
11. Greg Cullen, Horticulture Research Specialist, UK
12. Giuliano Masini, Policy Adviser and Value Chain Expert, Italy
13. Habibullah Musharraf, Agriculture Officer in Planning & Engineering Department at NVDA, Afghanistan
14. Hamed Salari, Teacher at Kabul University, Afghanistan
15. Hedayatullah Omerkhil, Managing Director at Samsor ban, Afghanistan
16. Helalludin Musadiq, Senior Implementation Coordinator at CARD-F, Afghanistan
17. Homayoon Milad, Technical Charg?? at HCDP, Afghanistan
18. Khadim Hussain Hamdam, Afghanistan
19. Mohammad Akbar Bayani, Value Chain Manager at DAF- RADP-E, Afghanistan
20. Mohammad Fawad Rahimi,Afghanistan
21. Mohammad Khalid Ibrahimi, Afghanistan
22. Mohammad Ibrahim Karimi, Grape Production Expert, Afghanistan
23. Mohammad Nasir Taheri, Orchard Owner, Afghanistan
24. Mohem Rahman Khademi, Orchard Crop Value Change Manager at Chemonics RADP-W, Afghanistan
25. Nisar Fazli, Horticulturist, Afghanistan
26. Noor Ahmad Burhani, Orchard Development Charge at FAO, Afghanistan
27. Pablo Degl???Innoccenti, Team Leader at the EU-MAIL Transition Project, Italy
28. Reza Dehqan, Coordinator at PHDC, Afghanistan
29. Said Abas Bena, Consultant at Aslam Services Agriculture Company, Afghanistan
30. Sharafuddin Sharaf, Head of Regulatory Service at ANNGO, Afghanistan
31. Talib Shah Qeyam, Afghanistan
33. Andarab Horticulture & Fruit Grower Assosiation, Baghlan ??? Afghanistan
34. Alberoni University ??? Kapisa, Afghanistan
35. Parwan University ??? Parwan, Afghanistan
36. Balkh University ??? Balkh, Afghanistan
37. BKAPC, Cooperative, Kunduz ??? Afghanistan
38. Grape Value Chain Association, Farmers??? Association, Kapisa ??? Afghanistan
39. Nangarhar Citrus Union, Farmers??? Association, Nangarhar ??? Afghanistan
40. Relief International, International NGO
41. Tapa Shaiki Cooperative, Cooperative, Balkh ??? Afghanistan
42. Abdul Jabar Hemat, Farmer (sweet cherry and apple), Paghman, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
43. Abdul Khaliq Mubariz, Afghanistan
44. Abdul Latif , Afghanistan
45. Anar Gul Ataye, Farmer (growing 70 different varieties), Kapisa ??? Afghanistan
46. Asadullah Es-haq Zai, Farmer (almond, grape, pear, apple, plum and apricot), Balkh ??? Afghanistan
47. Engineer Shafiq Pasoon, Farmer (apple), Paghman, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
48. Ghulam Dastager Muhammadi, Farmer (grape), Kalkan, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
49. Ghulam Nabi Arsala, Farmer (sweet cherry and apple), Paghman, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
50. Haji Abdul Qahir Robati, Farmer (grape), Bagram, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
51. Haji Azizulrahman, Farmer (pear and grape), Kapisa ??? Afghanistan
52. Haji Barat Mohammad, Farmer (grape), Bagram, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
53. Haji Esmatullah Amin, Farmer (grape), Bagram, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
54. Haji Faqir Muhammad Roya Khel, Farmer (apple, almond, cherry), Paghman, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
55. Haji Ghulam Nabi, Grape, Farmer (apple, almond and peach), Kalkan, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
56. Haji Hamidullah, Farmer (grape), Parwan ??? Afghanistan
57. Haji Mahfooz Azizi, Farmer (grape), Bagram, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
58. Haji Nadir Naseri, Farmer (grape), Bagram, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
59. Haji Namat Oryakhil, Farmer (apple, sweet cherry and almond), Paghman, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
60. Haji Sayed Zarin Shah Meri, Framer (pear, apple and apricot), Kabul ??? Afghanistan
61. Mohammad Akram Hashimi, Farmer (almond, apricot, plum, pomegranate, peach, apple, pear and grape), Balkh ??? Afghanistan
62. Mohammad Amin Sediqi, Farmer (grape), Farza, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
63. Mohammad Arif, Farmer (apple, cherry and sweet cherry), Farza, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
64. Mohammad Moien Qazizada, Farmer (grape), Kapisa ??? Afghanistan
65. Nasrullah Malikzada, Farmer (grape), Kapisa ??? Afghanistan
66. Noor Ahmad Naibi, Afghanistan
67. Sardar Mohammad, Farmer (grape, apricot, almond, lemon), Balkh ??? Afghanistan
68. Sebghtullah Mohammadi, Farmer (grape); Qara Bagh, Kabul ??? Afghanistan
69. Ahad Samay Ltd,
Main activities: Dry fruit processing and export
70. Ahmad Tamim Ltd,
Main activities: Dry fruit processing and export
71. Amini Sadri Ltd,
Main activities: Production of package for fresh fruits and vegetable, Export of fresh fruits and vegetables
72. Arghandab LTD
73. Asalmzada Agriculture Services,
Main activities: Propagation of seedlings, scion, ornamental Bushes, ornamental Flowers and making Green Houses
74. Elyas Abas Ltd,
Main activities: Export of fresh fruits and Import of packages for fresh fruits
75. Gift To Zest,
Main activities: Production of fruit juice and tomato Ketchup
76. Gold Star Sharq Co. Ltd,
Main activities: Dry fruit processing and export
77. Gul Ltd,
78. Gulrezan Sham Ltd,
Main activities: Production of forest trees, ornamental bushes, ornamental flowers and green spaces
79. Haroon Rezwan and Ammer Khel Brother Ltd,
Main activities: dry fruit processing and export
80. Khairkhwa Kohdamani Brothers Ltd,
Main activities: Processing, trading and export of fresh fruits
81. Naw Safi,
Main activities: Export of fresh fruits and Import of packages for fresh fruits
82. Nijabat Haidari LTD
83. Shershah Nasir Afghan Ltd;
Main activities: Fresh fruit processing, trade and export
84. Tabasom Co,
Main activities: Standard packaging process of raisin, transport for farmers, processing, trade and export
85. Takdana Co.Ltd,
Main activities: Dry and fresh fruit processing, export and trade